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Donations to Holocaust Legacy Foundation fund direct program expenses to help us continue engaging the next generation of youth in Holocaust educational and combatting antisemitism.

Holocaust Legacy Foundation is a public 501c3 .

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Contact Jody Kipnis at 617-655-2176 or for more information about making a tax-deductible donation.

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The museum will offer a range of prominent naming opportunities.

Give Today Because

“Holocaust Legacy Fellows has impacted me in a way so deep to my very core that I will never stop fighting antisemitism wherever it may be in the world. Through thick and thin, it is now in our hands and in the hands of our generations to secure a Jewish future in America and a Jewish future in the world”.
Max Foltz, Holocaust Legacy Fellow, 2019

The trip made a significant impact on our daughter. She now understands that antisemitism cannot be ignored, and if not for her, no one else will take on the responsibility of preserving and perpetuating the memory of the Holocaust. She recognizes both eh role of hatred in this world, and her ability to stand up to it”.
Michael and Irina Veksler, HLF Parents 2019